If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.
– John Greene

My Passion

I am good at writing, acting, and singing. I have written poems for many years, I have entered talent shows before, and I have participated in educational Drama for the past couple of years. I really like music and singing, performing in front of people does not make me nervous. 

My passions are, writing poetry, short stories, and plays. I have a large collection of poems that are both humorous and melancholic. I also love to write short stories.

Some of my poems and short stories are related to me in some ways and my own personal experiences, while others are based purely on my imagination. 

Honestly speaking, Snow Patrol was a great influence on my poetry, and I wanted to write similar to them. In terms of plays/ Screenplays, Christopher Nolan is a pretty big influence. 

My Project

I have over a hundred poems written, I have sent some of my work to different publishers. I am currently writing a play and I am really enjoying working on this process. I am showcasing a selection of my work, including a poem I wrote for Not So Different.

As regards my influences, honestly speaking, Snow Patrol has been a great influence on my poetry and I wanted to write in a similar style to them. In terms of plays/ Screenplays, Christopher Nolan is a big influence. 

My Future

I hope to be a writer, or a singer. I hope to be signed by a music producer and love the idea of creating music videos. I would also love to write and act, in my own plays. 

My big plan is to become rich and famous, and be recognised by all for my work. 

I think what my publisher can help me do is advertise my work, design a cover and give me some advice and insight into the publishing world. 

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