Training Programmes

For Educators

We work in partnership with educational institutions and provide training to educators so they can better understand their students. Educators may choose to refer their students to us, where we can provide education and career guidance supports at different stages in their life to explore the education and career choices open to them.

For Employers

We work with local employers to seek out relevant work experience and/or jobs based on the needs of individuals. We provide equality training for employers so they can engage and support their teams.

For Families

We provide training and courses for families who would like to know more about developing creative abilities. 

For Communities

We work with State and non-State agencies, the community and voluntary sector, schools, health care providers, private sector employer and individuals. We provide a roadmap of services available in the community based on individual’s needs.

We build inclusive communities through partnership and collaboration with individuals and families, professionals and local organisations and the broader community.