I love the sense of wonder in the movies and the journey and exploration you can have.

My Passion

Animation is a huge interest of mine. I like that I can visually tell any type of story or show any type of character. With a live action film you are limited by the type of people but in animation you can completely create them and decide anything about them ~ tone of voice, what they look like and the world around it. I love the sense of wonder in the movies and the journey and exploration you can have. 

Photography is another passion ~ I love to capture things in life such as nature. I use my phone due to the high quality images it can take. I bought myself a camera and it happened to be the same quality so the phone is much easier. 

Being creative and artistic is a passion of mine as I get to use storytelling throughout. I feel people can get a lot from an image.

My Project

For my animation I can take thousands of pictures. A thousand pictures could give me 24 seconds filming. The industry is moving towards computers but I feel the hand drawn images can be more appealing. Cartoon Saloon in Ireland still follows this method.

With photography I try to take a lot of pictures. I then assess the pictures and see which I like the most and that becomes the finished product! 

With my art, it starts with a scary blank canvas. It then turns into an idea that I research and keep looking up about the subject. I really should make a practice drawing but a lot of the time I follow my instincts and just go with it. 

My Future

After college I’d hope to move on to a career in animation. Cartoon Salon is a company I’d love to work for. I love the hand-drawn cartoons. It reminds me of when I was a child watching Samurai Jack and being completely drawn in by the colours and movement, the idea of the story ~ I just wanted more.  I’m nervous but looking forward to getting out and building my experience.

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