No matter how many times you do it, you don’t get used to the sadness, for me at least, of a film ending

– Paul Thomas Anderson

My Project

I planned this film meticulously. I wrote the script in 5 pages as I wanted to be precise. This meant I didn’t have to cut out any of my favourite scenes.  I worked with the co-producer around 2nd draft and communicated my concerns. I reworked the script to how I wanted it. He supported me in finding appropriate actors. Everyone collaborated perfectly with no arguments and stress. 

The film needed to be 5 minutes so I created scenes that were one-minute long. The original script was 7 pages and I edited down to 5. Nothing about it really changed in the filming process due to the careful planning. Each scene showcased the characters perfectly. I imagine what they look like and feel like in my head, including how they express themselves. Sometimes I don’t allocate gender to the characters as it can limit them. 

The idea came when I was youth group in Drogheda. There was a former member talking about her life, the way she was raised was similar to Sylvia Plath. I gave out three ideas in college that were off the wall for college and spoke to my tutors. We felt that this one would be the easiest to do in our time. 

I want to use this to build a portfolio, demonstrate my talent and ability to learn and hopefully get a job. I think it’s important that I recognise I don’t know everything, I want to learn and build my experience and skills. 

My Passion

My passions in life are to write screenplays and hopefully make films from these.  I’d love to make any genre. I’m versatile and don’t want to confine myself to a particular genre. I do have some themes I like, such as flawed broken characters who struggle to redeem themselves or work towards a professional or personal goal. Privacy and secrecy are also themes I like, exploring the way people present ourselves in the public. I like films to be distinct as possible. 

Film making gives me purpose. If I didn’t have film in my life, I would have been nothing. Film to me is an expressive media. It’s the perfect art form, combining many art forms. Everything comes together to tell a story. It’s a balance between business and art. 

‘Reincarnated Artists Anonymous’ is my showcase. It’s the film I’m proudest of. In the production, everyone knew what they were doing and worked well together. It was a great sense of community.  I collaborated with many people – include a local drama group and my college tutor. We discussed a lot in preparations such as the motivations behind characters. I feel I got to have the approach I prefer in film making to the test.

My Future

I have written three feature length screenplays. I would love to make one of them in particular.  It is the story of a science fiction comedy drama. It’s the story of an inventor who gets asked to test out an experiment. I would love to direct this film from the script I wrote, I’d love to edit too. 

My dream company would be anything really; I want to build my experience. I would love to gain experience in A24, an American distributing company. They co produce and distribute independent films, giving birth to iconic films like Moonlight, Hereditary, Good Time, and The Lighthouse. I really just want to get out there and build my experience and skills. 

I would love to gain a mix of things from employers and organisations. I’d love to be mentored, gain internships or placements, and ideally full time employment. I really want to get out there and build my skills in the film industry. 

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