My project is based on Dublin and Liverpool. I chose to do a project to research both cities as they are across the water from each other and have got some similar attractions.


My Passion

Geography was my favorite subject in school. I love learning about the differences between countries and also about what makes natural events such as Tsunamis or earthquakes happen.

I have a real passion for maps and love looking at Google maps in my spare time. It is a great way of widening my knowledge of the world within my house. 

My Project

My project is a comparison of Liverpool and Dublin from a tourism perspective.

I visited Liverpool in the summer on a one day trip with a friend and enjoyed it. Lots of people have asked me if I choose Liverpool because I was a Liverpool FC fan , I know lots of people now visit cities because of football  but this wasn’t why I went there – I’m an arsenal fan.

In my project I compare the two cities, the size, airports, and the tourist attractions. In it I draw on my own experience of the two cities.

My Future

I want to complete my education; I believe that education is one of the most important tools a person can have to progress in life.  I like helping people, but I am uncomfortable if the work is too pressurized.

I’d like to get some work experience and try some things – perhaps in tourism advisory to start.

The company that I would love to work for in the future is Irish City Tours. I get excited when I see the bus going through the city and say to myself ‘someday I will work for them’. The other company that I would love to work with is Failte Ireland, I think it would be fantastic to help and support tourists coming into the office and inform them of some hidden gems within our country. 

Get in contact with me at showcase@notsodifferent.ie