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My Passion

My passions are Travel, Tourism & Sport. I am particularly interested in the GAA and have attended many of the games down through the years.

One of my greatest passions at the moment is accessibility and how tourists with physical or sensory disabilities can or cannot access tourist attraction, particularly in Dublin. I believe all tourist attractions need to be accessible and open to everybody, especially anyone with a physical disability or anyone with an additional challenge, such as the elderly.

In some of the older tourist attractions, accessibility can be an issue and I would really like to draw attention to this and hopefully help bring about changes to remove these issues.

My Project

My project is looking at some attractions in Dublin and assessing how accessible they are for people with a physical disability.

I visited some of these attractions and photographed some of the issues I discovered and the findings I made.

Hopefully this project will help raise awareness of this issue, as all tourist attractions should be open to everybody.

My Future

I would really like to get a job in Tourism in the future. I am very interested in some of the well-known travel blogs and this is something I would also be very interested in pursuing myself.

Some of the organisations I would be particularly keen to get some experience or employment with would include the D.A.A. (Dublin Airport Authority) or O.C.S. the airport disability service. As my project is focussing on accessibility in tourism, employment or experience in this field would be fantastic and very interesting for me.

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