I’m a writer but nobody’s perfect.

-Billy Wilder

My Passion

My career interests are squarely focused on the film industry, whether that is working on scripts or editing film pieces for shorts. I find that my main interest is in narrative film, but I have garnered an interest in documentary-style films after making a short for college.

My favourite film is Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock. Not only is it a visual marvel, but the tale of love, loss and obsession is handled masterfully .The feelings that my passion invokes in me are ones of love for the craft of film but also concern to make sure that I am making the best piece I can.

The interest for this project came from being fascinated by the idea of what GAA means to different people. The inspiration for this project came from hearing the story of Harry Boland sneaking into Croke Park for the match.

My Project

I created a documentary short about the GAA and Irish revolutionary Harry Boland. The intention of this documentary was to show what GAA means to people with the story of Harry Boland being smuggled into Croke Park during a match. This showed how far he would go to play a match, no matter how much of a risk he was taking. This took over 4 months of researching, shooting and editing, working around interview scheduling and managing shoot locations. 

As with the nature of documentaries being generally unscripted and changing as the project is being created, the script would not match the film.

The idea came from my connection to the GAA club Harry Boland was a part of and hearing the Croke Park story.

The initial intention of this documentary was to build a portfolio, but now with this I would hope to learn about where I could go from here as a student looking for summer internships to bolster my resume.

My Future

I hope to work within the film industry on many levels. I have a particular interest in post-production as I have gained an interest in editing film throughout my time in college. I intend to bolster my skills within this area so that I have a better chance to be suitable for this field of work. 

My plan is to look for internships in post-production companies in Ireland and write screenplays for possible shorts and features I could create in my career.

One option is to work for post-production companies like Element Pictures or Windmill Lane. Another would be working in writing for BBC or HBO.

An employer could help give me directions of where to go for work experience or perhaps give industry advice.

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