My Passion

I have always loved drawing since I was young. I loved to draw cartoons and I even made some Some short comics. Drawing and creating cartoons is what I’ve wanted to do since I was around 12. I often draw characters and ides that I have.

I also write ideas and stories in my spare time. I think of funny, exciting and other types of ideas. I hope I may also be able to come up with storylines for my comics and cartoons as well.

My Project

I intend to show my talent and ideas in the showcase for my project. I will show some drawings, comic strips and maybe some storyboards and some writing as well.

My Future

I would like to be a cartoonist and animator who creates her own cartoons and comics. I may also write some episodes as well. I can start with employers in an animation studio in Ireland such as Boulder, Cartoon Saloon etc. I may also like to work abroad as well in the future.

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