Digital Showcase Programme 2020

Creative talent in action

Showcasing Creativity to inspire hope and strength

The world around us is facing great challenges right now, but we can use our creativity to show that even in challenging times we can find creative ways to have a positive impact.

Over the month of April, we will be developing our digital showcase and we want you to work with us to develop new ideas that can channel your creativity and bring much needed hope and inspiration to the world around us.

We will support you:

  • To come up with an idea to showcase your ability and creativity focused on the themes of ‘Hope’, ‘Strength’, ‘Peace’ and ‘Creativity’. You can choose the format the idea will take (sketches, short animation, poem, essay, web page, collage, meme, anything that you can think of)
  • Develop a digital storyboard showcasing yourself and your idea
  • Provide you with webinars every Thursday from 12-1 on storytelling, creative practice and personal development (We encourage you to attend at the time, but if you can’t don’t worry, they’ll be recorded!)
  • Offer ongoing check-ins and one-to-one support

At the end the Digital Showcase will be published on the Not So Different website, and shared with our network of employers, industries, partners and wider communities. We want to show them your talent and ability, as well as send them a message of hope through creativity!

If you want to get involved, just e-mail the team on

Webinar 5: Showcasing your talent

with Sam Whelan-Curtin

Once you’ve developed your talent or created a piece of creative work, the next step is to ensure that it connects with the audiences and people you want to experience it. In this webinar we will explore how to showcase to a range of different audiences, including employers, and look at innovative ways to spread your creativity into the world.

Webinar 4: Goalsetting and Focus!

with Adrienne Hayes

Using goalsetting to decide where we want to be/what we want to have/what we want to do and how to stay focused on those goals to help us get there quicker.

Webinar 3: From Idea to Reality

with Sam Whelan-Curtin

Coming up with great ideas is critical to the creative process, but finding the way to translate an idea into reality can be difficult. In this webinar we’ll talk through ways of developing a creative process, based on the Design Thinking model, that will allow you to take your idea and develop it through a series of steps.
Click here to download the Design School Bootleg resource

Webinar 2: Self-talk

with Adrienne Hayes

Our self-talk – that internal dialogue that can move us forward or can drag us back – is the focus of this week’s webinar.  Adrienne will take us through some tools and techniques to put us in control of our own Self-Talk.
So, in this chaotic world we’re living in at the moment, there’s no better time to find a way to keep our self-talk in check and working it to keep us busy, productive and positive.

Webinar 1: Storytelling & Creativity in times of adversity

with Sam Whelan-Curtin

In this webinar, Sam provides an introduction to the Digital Showcase, approaches to storytelling to help inform your Storyboards, as well as talk through how some of the greatest artists and innovators have used the challenges they’ve faced to inspire some of the most remarkable creative works.