Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is a business that works to improve the lives of people. Social enterprises like Not So Different work to support people to explore their talents and discover new opportunities. The business of social enterprise is social good.

Social Enterprise is all about creating opportunity and improving our society, by bringing people together and enabling them to explore their talent, ability and potential.

Our world is created for neurotypicals, and sometimes that means people who are neuroatypical don’t have the same opportunity to develop and show what they can do. A neurodiverse world, where neurotypical and neurotypicals come together to work with each other is the key to a better tomorrow. Creativity and innovation happens at the intersection of different ways of thinking, by challenging each other to think differently, but supporting each other to work together, we can create amazing new things. 

Watch our videos to see how our social enterprise is supporting the creativity and innovation of the incredible people we work with.

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Creativity & Innovation

Maebh Coleman, Innovation Educator and Entrepreneur, talks on the importance of neurodiversity for Creativity and Innovation

Ross's Story

Ross shares his experience of developing his writing ability and how Not So Different has helped him to showcase his work to the world

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth shares her love of illustration and animation and how she is using her creativity to challenge perceptions of autism

Cathal's Story

Cathal talks about discovering his passion for filmmaking and editing, and how it is important to ensure your creativity is quality and reaches your audience

The project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund. A social enterprise is a business that works primarily to improve the lives of people. The business of social enterprise is social good.