Ross Kilbride

Poet ∙ Writer ∙ Entrepreneur ∙ Leader

My Passion & Story

I am passionate about creating a successful business and serving a niche market with unique products that challenges the general status quo. Combining my skills as a poet and writer with my business acumen to offer products and generate income.

I have studied screen writing and have been working on a script for four years now and would love to see one of my screenplays being published. My dream is to see a movie that I enjoyed creating and would enjoy watching on the big screen.  

I enjoy creating characters that are relatable to people in real life, and I am keen to create work that I actually want to share with people. I am eager to use my imagination and talent for writing to create a work that is not only productive but is fun too.

I studied educational drama in Trinity college and am passionate about passing on some of the skills I learned to other people. I am currently studying to become a facilitator in DCU so that I can facilitate workshops and help others.

My Work

The work I am showcasing includes scripts, art work – Framed Quotes, and poems

My Future

It would mean the world to me to see my script turned into a movie. I am also passionate about my commercial business that frames quotes and poetry themed with holidays such as valentine’s day, Halloween, graduations etc but with a unique take on it. 

What I need to succeed

I enjoy being left alone to get on with my work. I find it easier to work in a room by myself and to figure things out myself.