Marc Joyce

Animator ∙ Photographer ∙ Sound Engineer ∙ Film Critic

My Passion & Story

My Dream is to be involved in actual film media I hope to be in charge or working as part of a team working on a movie/animation film

My Work

I volunteer with Phoenix FM 92.5 as a sound engineer/presenter As part of my role as a presenter I give my opinion on a different films each week. I also handle sound design making sure everything is working on the sound desk

I previously did work for RTE JR

My Future

I would like to work in animation in my own studio producing comics/animation and become successful in my career

What I need to succeed

To build up my portfolio of work and network with others in the filed I am looking for Part Time work to gain experience in the work place. I would also love to get work with NEAR FM 90.3