Liam Cronly

Filmmaker and Director

My Passion & Story

Directing movies, Directing is my ultimate passion. I consider myself a visual artist, in the approach that I take to making movies. The most important thing is the visuals. I always know how I want a film to look, I know the about the performance, I know every single aspect of filmmaking. I don’t focus or worry about genre conventions. My interest is focused is solely on the characters, the story, the themes and how I want to visualise it as a movie. I am resilient, determined, and passionate about what I do. I think the thing about giving up is it might seem as the easiest but it’s the most emotionally damaging. Our  biggest lessons are from when things go wrong.I plan as much as I can. I plan the film, I even plan how I want to make the movie. As a director, I think so heavily about how the film is going to look, how it’s going to feel, and how I want things to be edited so that when we go on set, we don’t have to worry about discussions about where to put the camera, because I know where it’s going to be put. I know how I want things to look and how I want the blocking of the scenes to be in terms of how they tell the story.

I graduated from Dundalk IT with a BA degree in theatre and film practice I just wanna be happy in myself making movies. Doing what I love. Expressing myself through my art. I’m still looking to do that and living my best life.

My Work

I’m working on dozens of short films right now, like absurd comedy and a dialogue-free dark psychological thriller.

My Future

I would like to work in the film industry. I’d love to work with a professional production company and cooperate on something to produce for me to direct.

What I need to succeed

Support emotional and professional. Additional support & training on the business side of the film industry