Elizabeth Corkery

Animator, Artist & Writer

My Passion & Story

My passion is to show my projects with a view to creating interest in my work. My dream is to get one of my projects published. I create characters that challenge the current narrative on people living with disabilities. My work breaks down stereo types  of neurodiverse people. I want people to see me as myself and not my Autism. I wasn’t diagnosed with Autism until I was 21 and since the diagnosis the way my family and friends treat me has changed.

I am enthusiastic about representing neurodivergent people in my storytelling and creative projects. I want to see more representation of Autism in mainstream media and not just a token slot that shows the character for a few mins and then they disappear.

My characters are strong, funny, smart, and direct. I want to create characters that everyone can relate to especially people with Autism. My dream is to see a character in the media that I can relate to and see some part of myself in them.

I enjoy creating works that highlight the challenges faced by people with disabilities and humanising them.

My Work

I am showcasing Storytelling – Murder Mysteries (Series) with a Concept Poster & Character

My Future

I would like to meet potential animators and film makers and get the opportunity to discuss my work. I am interested in collaborating with other creatives and combine our ideas.

I would love an agency to fund the publication of my projects.

My dream is work in the animation/film industry as an artist, director, or writer

What I need to succeed

I want to see representation of Autism in a real light, drop infantilisation, stereo types, tokenism, and positive discrimination.