Dylan Boland


My Passion

Music is my primary passion in life. Whether it involves performing, recording, producing, composing, engineering or mixing – creating and enhancing music and collaborating with other artists is what motivates me towards building a career in this industry.

My Work

Four years ago, myself and my brother built our own home recording studio using recycled materials and by investing much time and money into the project. The studio is improving all the time and as of recently I have been able to invest in it acquiring high quality recording equipment in large part due to IADT and DCU graciously awarding me the Tier 1 1916 Bursary of €20,000 which along with helping fund the expenses needed for studying for my bachelors has allowed me to invest in my own future business venture and I am extremely grateful to be able to continue to spend this money in the remaining two years of my degree on investing even more money alongside developing expertise into making it a business which can someday generate income for myself and most importantly produce art that I am proud of.

Beyond the technical feat. made in my long-term project to be a producer I’ve also dedicated a lot of time into exploring the creative side of composition. I’ve worked on music composition through my full-time music production course at IADT and through creative songwriting at UCD in which I’ve had the great privilege to perform an original song to Irish legend Paul Brady which was a surreal experience in and of itself but also because to my surprise Paul had only positive things to say about the song!

By increasing my understanding of music theory I’ve been able to expand my abilities and find it easier to collaborate with professional musicians on song projects such as working with professional violinists, harpist and cellist on ‘The Time of Her Life’, the tribute song to my Mam which will be released this quarter alongside a music video.

The most recent privilege I’ve had has been working with Kerbute production – a video production company, on creating a music video for the original song I performed in UCD which is a song I’ve composed as a tribute to my mother who always encouraged me to make music and pursue my dreams.

A Project I am passionate about and have been working alongside an educator on is ‘the Perspective podcast’ which is a platform to discuss many things such as philosophy and psychotherapyI’ve had the privilege of working with Kerbute productions who has helped in filming the most recent podcast which I produce alongside psychotherapist Dr Quinlan and in the most recent episode we sat down and discussed Autism Spectrum Disorder with psychotherapist Valerie Murray which I am showcasing. My Future

I am excited to release my own song which is planned to be the first of many releases I would like to publish under the artist name ‘Dylan Tupelo’ to Youtube and Spotify. Having learned how to diversify my skillset with production and building on my network of collaborators I plan to become a sought- after music artist and producer within the industry, by continuosly pursuing my own projects and aiming to build a business in which I can produce other artists under a label I’ve established.