Colm Hearne

Author & Storyteller ∙ Volunteer at Fighting Words

My Passion & Story

I am passionate about storytelling. I aspire to create action packed fantasy stories for children that stimulate their imagination and creativity by escaping  their current reality.

I love Inspiring children and giving them something fun to take them away and allow them to fantasise about another world by using their imagination. I want children to be inspired by the strengths they recognise in my characters for example Fionn is courageous, smart, humble, and helpful. He looks out for his friends and family and does whatever it takes. I would love children to see some of themselves in the characters.

I wanted to become an author like my heroes. I think it is fun to read fantasy and adventures about overcoming adversity.

I volunteer for an organisation that promotes creativity and writing as a fun and powerful means of self-expression called Fighting words. My work with primary school children offers me inspiration as a writer and gives me the opportunity to give something back. My hope is to encourage children to become writers.

As a keen storyteller I am also interested in comic book writing. I enjoy collaborating with artists for illustrations and artwork.

My Work

I have published my first book and my second book complete but in editing stage. I currently am working on a project writing a comic strip.


I am involved in a monthly writer’s workshop, called the Rathmines Writers workshop. This provides helpful feedback and encouragement. 

My Future

I want to be a full time published author, with many works published. I would like to see my books turned into movies, plays or tv series.

I also want to be a comic strip writer and to work with children and help them to develop their creativity and encourage them to become writers.

What I need to succeed

Help with marketing, illustration, and publishing, and to work with good people.

I am open to constructive criticism and enjoy constructive feedback