Cathal Nash

Video Editor, Filmmaker and Writer

My Passion & Story

Video editing is my passion. I enjoy Collaborating with people. My patient nature affords me the ability to offer Guidance and direction when needed. I am a keen life-long learner, in this Industry you need to be constantly learning and upskilling in order to maintain industry standards. My experience in the industry includes post-production editing, Pre-production , and filming.


I enjoy writing and bringing that critical eye to someones writing. I am a critical and lateral thinker, thinking  more outside the box with a birds eye view.

I am open and understanding of everyone I meet and I am passionate about diversity and inclusion. We should strive for diversity in all fields, and it needs to be genuine and not just tokenism. I think we should have schemes for people with neurodiversity to increase representation in the industry. The government doesn’t accommodate people with invisible disabilities

My Work

I am showcasing my Video Editing, and my work on Operation Transformation, Budgeting, and Mock funding submissions.

My Future

I have been looking to do films since about 2015. Around that time is when I started to get interested in making myself a career in that industry.

I want to build up the experience and my network in the industry and to continue upskilling and training.