Aíne Hickey

Animator, Cartoonist, Writer & Creator

My Passion & Story

My passion is creating original characters for movies, animations, and comics. I like creating original stories from the ideas I come up with . I want to give my visions to the world and to provide a world that people can get invested in. People can get lost in my characters. I love characters that are often seen as the under dog and I love creating a story that shows how we overcome adversity.

I enjoy making complex characters that may seem like jerks but have hearts of gold.

I enjoy giving them unique looks that reflects their personality and subverts stereotypes. I like to highlight some diversity as well.

I am passionate about giving the user an interactive experience, using canon (official) versus non canon (unofficial) elements.

I am also interested in doing Voice overs. I am passionate about writing and creating  quirky, memorable, unique characters that anyone can kind of get into and to create stories that people will relate to and be inspired by. I would love to see three dimensional, fully pledged characters with flaws that strengths that balance as well. It is important that my characters are relatable and unique at the same time.

My Work

I am showing Sketches, Drawings and Stories

My Future

My ideal employer would be some kind at the animation studio and I would love to Travel someday. I would like to create my own Intellectual Properties (IPs), create/write story & characters for video games.

I would like to work for companies such as Warner Brothers, DC, Nickelodeon, and to become a producer and write a screenplay for animated movies and tv shows.

What I need to succeed

Information and work experience and contacts in the industry. I would like to work in a safe environment that is not toxic or stressful, I need a positive environment for positivity. I would like to attend workshops on how to get the best Public Relations