Thomas Ryan


My Passion

My passions has to be gaming and drawing, but making them myself in a sense. I make my own games on another platform, and I created a story I had for around 4 years now. The type of games I play is mainly horror and thrilling. The things I draw is characters and normal everyday life but, altered. I’m extremely passionate with drawing. Whenever I think about my passions, like everyone else, it makes me excited to get it done. I occasionally listen to music while I draw to set the mood so the drawing has more impact. There’s an adrenaline sort of feeling to do it when I get the chance to do my passions. One of the people that inspired me is Hajime Isayama. The author of “Attack on Titan”. He created a believable world and had a great impact for the animation industry in Japan when it came to storytelling. One day I’d like to tell a story of my own.

My Project

I will be showcasing screenshots of the games I made along with one of the pages of my comic. I look forward to it. The idea was sort of built around the world around me. I wanted to alter it and see what would work and what wouldn’t. I always like to picture characters I make in certain situations when I listen to music. I’d like to use this project for a job I’ll be happy living for. I’d like to tell stories that have morals and create something people didn’t see before in media. Hopefully, I can even inspire others.

My Future

My plan for my future, well… Truth is, I don’t have just one plan. I don’t wanna focus on one plan, because if it doesn’t work I’d end up extremely unmotivated and disappointed. I like to improvise and create something from what life throws at me. Life would be boring for me if I only had one plan. One of the plans is to create a story of my own to show to an audience. Big goal I know, but I feel like I can do it if I don’t give up. It can be done if I let the people around me guide me to that path. One of the companies I’d like to work for is “Behaviour Interactive.” That’s one company I think about because I always play a game they made. “Dead by Daylight.” I think volunteering in environments I’d end up working in for the future would be amazing. It would greatly improve my confidence in preparation for the future when I hopefully get the chance.