Liam Cronly

Filmmaker (Director/editor)

My Passion

I love filmmaking, I love shooting videos and editing them. I often write sometimes to find stuff to direct. I often seek inspiration for the stuff I do and there have been a lot of stuff that inspires me: books, animation, theatre, video games, the outside world, my imagination, cooking.

My Journey

I joined at around 2018 and I needed a support group so I can get into the field I wanted to get in with ease. Seeing a company that actively seeks to help autistic people enter their fields has been of massive life-changing help to me and all the lessons I learned throughout the years has helped so much in regards to preparing for the real world.

My Future

I have written 12 feature screenplays, I’m currently in pre-production of a new film, Taedium Vitae, to be shot around May of 2022. I’ve made over 40 films, ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, including making 2 documentaries as part of Not So Different.

My Work