Gabi Matczuk

Artist and Engineer

My Passion

I love learning how things work and why they work the way they do. Once I understand things, I remember them. I love visualization and art and using creative solutions for things. I love building my projects and bringing them to life. Reading and art such as drawing and creative writing (stories) are things that I can get lost in. I adore working with animals and have done horse riding for years. Technology is something that I’ve always been quick on picking up and enjoy working and tinkering with. I feel curious and satisfied as well as relaxed when working on my passions. They are a way to focus myself and funnel my energy into things that are productive and fulfilling.

My Project

I’ve worked on several projects as part of my engineering course from designing something to aid the elderly or my current project of designing an emergency shelter for Dublin should there be storm flooding or other disasters. My personal projects that I’m showcasing here are digital paintings and watercolour. My projects are usually either dictated by the requirements, such as in the case of my course projects, or based on filling a need or curiosity for myself. They are often a cooperation with a group, where the end product is more than just a combination of the parts by all the group members. These projects show that I can work both alone and in a group to creatively solve the problems put before me with both set requirements and those open for interpretation.

My Future

I want to finish my degree in engineering and get a job related to it. I want to work somewhere that produces or works on interesting products or projects that improve current technologies or simply try to make people’s lives easier or more interesting. I’d want to work in somewhere interesting whether that’s here in Ireland or abroad. I’d love to gain relevant work in engineering or IT that I can carry forward into my career. Ideally this would be summer work, internship or mentoring that I can continue with during the long summer breaks between each year of college and hopefully this will lead to a full-time job in a relevant field after obtaining my BEng(Hons) or Master’s.