Dylan Boland

Artist • Producer

My Passion

Music is my primary passion in life. Whether it be performing, recording, producing, writing, composing or engineering; music is what I wish to continually learn and develop at in the pursuit of a career.

My Project

Two years ago, myself and my brother built our own home recording studio. We managed to achieve this feat using recycled materials and by investing much time and money into the project. The studio is improving all the time, as of recently the newest addition to our studio is an electronic Yamaha upright piano which I’d like to credit CDETB Sports and Cultural Council for their enormously generous contribution in awarding me the SCC Niall Smyth Bursary which went a long way in allowing me to purchase this vital addition to our studio. I’d also like to thank my lovely teachers at Plunket college of further education for their recommendation that I should receive this bursary.

As of now, I am utilising my home recording space to record a song that is not yet ready to showcase but that I am excited for the near completion of.

The song requires more intstrumentation, vocal overdubs and more mixing. I’ve been working on the song for over a year now and have had some difficulty getting musicians on the track due to Covid-19 but as restrictions have eased I’ve been able to collaborate with more musicians for the project including most recently a professional cellist.

I feel that I’ve learned a lot after working on my first song which is in preproduction and after collaborating with Not So Different with an original composition for the Covid-19 advertising campaign that was released online one year ago now.

The song I am currently recording I intend to be a part of my long term project of releasing industry-standard quality songs on streaming platforms as I’m Learning knowledge of music production. In September I’ve started a full time course at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design & Technology which is a BA course in Creative Music Production. So far I am loving my course and I feel I have already gained so much knowledge in recording and producing music that will undoubtedly help me with finishing the current song for my project.

My Future

My overarching goal for the future is to create music and provide visual that empowers the listener/ viewer while building a career that allows me to have creative control and be financially self sufficient. I wish to work in the music industry as a professional Music producer, always working on my own projects while building a collaborative network among other musicians and artists on their individual projects to develop my craft  among creatively like minded people. 

I love to collaborate with other creative people and have gained experience collaborating with musicians before the Covid-19 pandemic on my previous song I recorded that is in preproduction and have started to do so once  again having worked with a Professional cellist and an amazingly gifted and talented singer. 

I am working to record and produce my own music with the intention of publishing my songs to streaming platforms once they are finished. I am also continuing to improve my home recording studio. I am determined to complete my bachelors degree in creative Music Production and to realise my musical vision to tell stories through imaginative compositions, releasing them online via streaming services such as Spotify, soundcloud and Youtube, among others.