David Carroll

Graphic Designer

My Passion

My interests are graphic design, working out, meeting up with people, travelling and taking photos that inspire me to create new designs to build up my continuing portfolio on graphic design.

My Journey

I work on creating images and backgrounds for different projects for not so different such as the backgrounds used for the animation about covid awareness and not so different has helped me both professionally in the workplace and elves human being that pointed hard to communicate with others in the workplace and help build up my confidence

My Future

At the moment I’m still currently looking for work but at the moment I’m taking a course in in graphic design to help with my skills I’m grateful for the help not so different has given me it’s help me bold with experiencing working in the workplace as well as my communication and people skills.

My Work

One of the projects I helped with was the beginning of the first Showcase at the teeling Brewery not so different gave me the opportunity to create the brochure for the front and back cover there was given to potential employers and I was both really grateful and proud that it gave me the opportunity to do this another project that I was really grateful to be able to do with lots of different was the animation of the covert no need it I was able to work on the background the signs or also able to learn how to work with a team of people and build-up my people skills and communication skills as well as my graphic design skills.