Claire Rooney

My Passion

Disability rights, tourism, history, and advocacy.

My 4 passions are sport (GAA), tourism and travelling, politics advocacy and human rights, and reading. I have been a big fan of the Dublin team in all codes hurling football and camogie since I was a young girl. I played football and camogie for a while for st. Peregrines GAA club in Clonsilla. I love tourism and travelling I have travelled most of Ireland and am always looking up hidden irish gems. I believe Ireland has so much to offer. I have been to Canada, france, spain, Czech republic, Italy, Belgium, Florida USA and I want and plan to see so much more.

My interest in politics advocacy and human rights is a big interest particulary when it comes to areas around disability and LGBT+ rights. People with disabilities face a lot of barriers when to different aspects of life such as employment, housing, relationships, travel, transport, even getting home from a night out. My 4th passion is reading I have always loved reading and could read all day and all night.

My Journey

I have done a few courses, haven’t really changed much, but I have more confidence.

My Future

I just want to live independently.

I’d like to combine my 4 interests especially advocacy and travel/tourism, maybe set up a travel agency for people with disabilities and do some lobbying as CEO of that company for disability rights to make Ireland a better place.

My Work

I am putting up pictures of some of the advocacy I’ve done and pictures of Ireland and my travels to show all of my interests.