Cathal Nash

Video Editor, Writer and filmmaker.

My Passion

I’ve been studying filmmaking for the past five years. In that time I have developed a keen interest in video editing and writing. Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Eggers and Takashi Miike just being some of the filmmakers that influence me. In terms of certain projects, I like to work on, while I have worked on short film television and documentary projects Imyu current interest is to work on fiction film and television.

My Journey

During my time with Not So Different, I have created a network with like-minded people and artists while also improving my skills through the workshops provided.

My Future

Currently, my goal is to work in post-production. Whether that be in film, television or documentary. While I have other interests in writing and directing, I feel that video editing is my best current route into the industry. Since joining Not So Different I’ve become more confident in the role between work done in college and work done within NSD.

My Work

I have two projects to showcase, one is a horror-comedy shortabout botched cult sacrifice and the other is a documentary short on the Irish revolutionary Harry Boland’s relation to Faughs GAA Club.