Aine Hickey

Animator, Cartoonist, Artist, Storyteller, Character designer, Imagitive, Creative, Writer, Creator of ideas, Geeky, Passionate about what I love, animal lover, Researcher.

My Passion

I love Animation, Cartoons, Comics, Anime (Japanese animation), Manga (Japanese comics), Movies (Watching movies from the 80s,90s up to 2005 make me feel nostalgic, especially in Summer and at Christmastime), Video games, Animals, Cultures around the world, History, Superheroes, Reading books, Classical mythology, Classic songs from the 80s and 90s, Retro stuff. I’m influenced and inspired by my interests. I’m inspired and influenced by anime and manga in terms of design, action and some storytelling. I’m also influenced by animation including cartoons and animated films as well. The 80s and 90s also have quite an influence on me from my love of movies and other things from the two decades. I do hope to do some stories especially influenced by them sometime in the future. I like to draw on paper with pencil. I like to design my own characters.

I like to draw my ideas that I come up with, even if some of them are a faint outline until I think of a final design or/and I often think when I draw them out I think they don’t look as good as they were when I imagined them in my head! I also like to write down my ideas for stories and potential IPs I would like to do in the future. I love coming up with ideas, I also like to develop and think about how my stories could go and what could happen in them even if I inevitably won’t use them all. Overall I am a creative person who loves creating ideas.

My Journey

I did a showcase with Not So Different. I’ve learned more about connections and employers. I’m also more determined to use what I can to get a future doing what Iove.

My Future

I hope to become an artist who works with animation, comics and maybe movies and video games. I would like to start with getting a few years of experience before trying to do my more ambitious goals. I may even develop any ideas I have and make them better and more appealing to those I may pitch to audiences.

I would like to have most creative control of any IPs I may create, even if changes are necessary I wouldn’t mind some as long as most of my vision is still intact and I still recognize as what I created. I would like to create my own ideas and IPs for animated shows (that air on TV and streaming services) and maybe a few movies where I create the characters and world, where I write the overall story and a lot of episodes for the show. I also want to animate using the skills I have. I would also like to do my own comic book or graphic novel stories that I write the story of and do the overall art of. If a comic book I do gets an adaptation I hope to at least have some creative control in how it goes, I wouldn’t mind some minor changes if it works better that way but I would like to have a mostly faithful adaption that shows my vision. I might also like to work on the art of video games which may be character design, concept art or even some animations if it has animated style cutscenes. I might also collab with another artist for a book with drawings in it or a comic book or anything that could use my art. I also wouldn’t mind if I got a chance to work on a franchise I like. Overall I want to create original, entertaining stories that appeals to a lot of audiences that anyone could potentially be a fan of. I often see fanart, fanfiction and fan-animations or animatics of franchises I love. I would love to see some fan-content of something I create someday.

My Work