Adeyemi Edebiri

Singer, songwriter, actress, writer, performer, costume designer

My Passion

Performing arts has always been a part of my life I’ve always loved performing and coming up with new ideas to show it to people, I always been more confident on stage or in front of a camera than I’ve ever been in any other place. I feel happy, entertaining people with my skills, either being with my a costume design, art, my singing voice or if people are intrigued with my acting performance as well. I love to create, that is my biggest passion, just to create something for people out there who can relate to me, and we can unify. My inspirations are artistics like Melanie Martinez, BTS, Willow Smith and so many more people are just out of the box. I aspire to be like that, so people can feel included and not left out, no matter who they are. I want to work on my costume design and my singing, and to create some type of performance for people out there to feel included and safe.

My Journey

I am just beginning my journey with Not So Different, and I am excited about it.

My Future

My biggest dream is to release music, to write a film, which is comedy. Also act and design costumes as well for a production.