My Project

I will be showcasing a brochure of my different hobbies, interests, and passions as a type of interactive CV. I got this idea as when I was thinking of something I am passionate about to showcase in the event, I realised that the things I am most passionate about in life are my unique hobbies and interests. Those are the things that I am interested in pursuing and those are the things that make me different from other people.

I am not quite sure what I’ll use it for yet. Right now, I am using it as a reminder of my different talents and abilities, and as a reminder to keep pushing myself forward to achieve more things I can be proud of. Hopefully in the near future, I will also be able to use it for helping to build my CV or in job applications.

My Passion

My passion is to make the most out of every opportunity that is presented to me. In my time at college so far I have made sure to make the most out of very moment I’ve been there. Some experience that I have gotten so far in college that I’ve been very passionate about has been:

  • University Debating: With university debating, I’ve been to over 40 competitions around Europe to compete and represent Trinity at, including Serbia, Scotland, Greece, Paris, and Vienna. This December I am going to Thailand to compete in the World University Debating Championships. I was recognised in 2018 as one of the best competitive debating judges in Europe.
  • Women in STEM: Since 2017, I have been a member of the founding committee of TCD Women in STEM. This year I was proud to have been elected Chairperson of the society. 
  • Maths Tutoring: Also since 2017, I have been a maths tutor at a maths grinds school, giving grinds to students of all secondary school ages and levels. I also give university-level maths grinds. This experience of being a teacher to sometimes groups of up to 10 students at a time has helped me become an effective communicator and has also helped me develop excellent people skills.
  • Student Economic Review: Another avenue I am passionate about is Economics (I study Maths and Economics). This year I was proud to have been elected as Deputy Editor of The Trinity College Student Economic Review, one of Ireland’s oldest student publications. 

Without my passion for doing well and succeeding, I don’t think that I would have been able to do any of these things. It makes me feel more fulfilled in my life. It makes me feel like I am spending my time in the best way I can, and I’m not just letting life pass me by. My brochure was inspired by some clever and interactive CV’s I have seen in the past. My showcase ideas have come from other posters I have seen being used before.  

My Future

My “big plan” for the future is to finish my degree in Maths and Economics, do a masters abroad in Statistics, and then hopefully see where to go from there. I would hope to be able to work somewhere where I can utilise the skills I will have learned in my degree – doing statistical analysis for a company, working in the financial sector…anywhere in which I can combine my passion for both Economics and Maths.

I am not sure specifically where I would like to work in future, but some ideas could be in the statistical department of some financial companies such as Goldman Sachs or Deloitte.

I think that what would be most helpful to me would be opportunities in terms of internships and work experience so I can gain experience and knowledge in the fields I am interested in.

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