Based on a poem by Ross Kilbride

My animation depicts a man on his way to a job interview and the beginning shows the man getting up out of bed and allowing the clothes to latch onto him like they had a mind of their own

My Passion

Animation is my biggest passion. I have been intrigued and have dreamed of getting involved in the animation industry. When I was young all I loved to do was draw. I have done everything I can to progress by drawing my favourite cartoons.  Animation itself is almost magical and breath-taking. To me it is a modern art form. It’s a huge passion to me and I wanted to express my emotions and talent through this art form. 

My Project

The role of a storyboard for an artist is to draw the scene out and make sure that every bit of it makes sense to the production team. For cartoons or animated films, you have to make sure that the scene displays an interaction to a situation in your own mind. The artist is handed the script and he has to try and draw what he believes is going on or what the characters are feeling in the scene. All of it has to be exactly how the writers and directors imagine it to be.

However, for this storyboard I want to tell my own story and share my passion. I created the animation to go alongside one of my peer’s pieces of poetry, that will be displayed on the screens in the room. I did this using clay-motion and Adobe Pro Software. I hope the animation captures the poems feelings and emotions. 

My Future

A career in animation would be my dream. I hope to start at the bottom and work my way to the top. This is the passion I wish to pursue and I am dedicated to building my experience through studying, college, internships and placements to progress through the animation industry. I am prepared to learn from my mistakes, take criticism and perfect my talents, taking all opportunities given to me. 

I want to do this as a profession because I love drawing and I always said to myself that I wanted a job which involved me to creating scenes for comic books and stories. 

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