All models are wrong, but some are useful

– George E.P. Box

My Project

I am showing some code and graphs that I have made to demonstrate some aptitude in the field of analytics and machine learning. I also have some papers demonstrating the value of a biologist with statistical and mathematical abilities. I will show some employers who are not as read in data analysis, some examples of poor and good science data and graphs.

Science education is extremely important for public trust in science, without the ability to explain the science you are doing to the general public, it is difficult to present medicines in an honest and trustworthy fashion “informed consent”. Statistics is a particularly important element of this, as data can be skewed in many different ways and it can take some analysis to understand what data actually means. Being able to explain correlation, p values, the strength of data, allows the public the ability to critique science themselves and develop a more trusting relationship, a form of citizen science.

I hope that having completed this project I will have first and foremost have developed my ability in statistics and that I will have improved my ability to teach others. I hope that I will be able to attain an internship relative to my field for the summer, however the scholarships I am applying for involve work over the summer, are paid, and are based on my own research topics

My Passion

I am enthralled by learning, particularly the mechanisms behind different processes… From a young age I was fascinated with machines and electronic devices, and this extended into different fields, I became interested in Aeronautics, Marine Engineering, Aviation and Rocket Science. I wanted to discover how the world worked and improve on it. As I reached the age of 13 I discovered genetic engineering through CTYI, and from then on I was determined to pursue it as a career. I am now studying Biomedical Science in Trinity, with the intention to pursue Human Genetics or Quantitative Biology, I am also working on scholarships such as the Trinity Foundation Scholarship, which through extracurricular study is improving my knowledge across the biological spectrum. I am currently interested in improving my statistical analysis skills and understanding machine learning, which whilst being an element of my course is something which I believe will play a major role in the future of medicine, gene therapy, and individualistic medicine.

When I am studying my areas of interest I am excited, I know that through study of my field I will be better able to contribute to the development of gene based medicines, lay the foundation for scientists to come after me, or help develop databases and models to help further the development of such gene based medicines. I look forward to improving the world, helping everyone achieve their potential and have equal opportunity for a healthy life and improving the quality of life in older age. I have seen demonstrative videos of clinical trials on children, of the restorative effects of gene based therapies on for example the human eye, and I am overjoyed at their success, and excited for their future potential. 

My Future

I hope to be able to run clinical trials in Gene Therapy for degenerative illnesses e.g. Alzheimer’s. To improve on the understanding of Human Genetics, by understanding experimentally mechanisms of Biological Processes, analyse them and be able to successfully apply them to larger populations.

The Mission to End Leprosy is currently eradicating leprosy worldwide, through understanding population dynamics etc. It would be an honour to work with them in ending this disease.

Bluebird Bio works on modifying the genetic information in individuals to help manage/cure diseases, these do not have to be solely genetic, as Biological responses such as inflammation (known to cause damage) are a consequence of the expression of certain genes.

Right now, I am searching for an internship in any related field to Human Genetics, Analytics or Human Biology/disease pathology. Quantitative Biology creates interesting questions, which require new methods to be developed for their answers; I will need a strong understanding in this area to do so.

Get in contact with me at showcase@notsodifferent.ie