My Passion

I’m in the fourth year of my Genetics degree in TCD and am particularly interested in computational and evolutionary genetics. I do a lot of coding and data visualisation for my research and as a hobby. I also like writing – I’ve just completed the second draft of my 77,000 word post-apocalyptic YA novel and I’ve been running a blog for the last 7 years, mainly for reviews of books and conferences. I’ve had the opportunity to travel around Europe and represent Ireland at different conferences, including public speaking at events from TEDxDrogheda to Budapest and Berlin.

I love travel and I’ve been able to do so and meet people from all around the world e.g. while representing Ireland at the T20: Solutions for G20 Summit.  

Causes I’m passionate about include animal rights and environmental activism. I’ve been protesting outside the Dail every Friday since September 20th and am a GOAL Youth Advisor. I also care about disability rights and child abuse, and am currently working with the Gardai to improve the response to child abuse in Ireland.

My Project

In the last six months, my projects have been research and writing.

I wrote the first draft of my YA novel over the summer, and the second draft in October

• ‘It’s 2119, and seventeen-year-old Ro is desperate to escape this degrowther cult she’s grown up in post-climate apocalypse. When a scholarship to the glittering megacity nearby comes up, she grabs her chance – but when the Elder running it tries to drown her, she discovers that the scholarship is not what it seems, and neither is the city.’

I’m working on the first draft of a new YA novel about a climate activist during November, with the goal of writing 50,000 words this month for National Novel Writing Month

• ‘18-year-old naturalist Blathnaid wins the trip of a lifetime around the world, from the Amazon to the Arctic.

• 19-year-old autistic climate activist Eve joins a group of saboteurs. She’s going to make polluters pay.

• When Eve targets Blathnaid’s sponsor, the world’s biggest oil company, their paths collide.’

My Future

From next September I plan to be doing a PhD in computational evolutionary genetics – I’d like to spend a few months in a lab abroad during my PhD.

I want public speaking opportunities – in the past I’ve mostly talked about women in STEM and science communication, but I’m interested in talking about environmental activism, autism, how Ireland can improve its response to child abuse, and books/writing.

I’m interested in advocacy around climate and animal rights – I’d like to hear about training, contacts, programs/workshops in the summer etc I’m planning to prepare a booklet soon to show abused kids what happens after you report to help them prepare. I want to gather stories from different people who’ve experienced that, so I’d like to get in contact with people who have and are interested in contributing their story

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this month so am happy to get to know other writers and publishing professionals!

Get in contact with me at showcase@notsodifferent.ie