That which does not kill us makes us stronger

– Friedrich Nietzche

My Passion

Creating, designing and developing software applications, such as mobile apps, is a huge passion of mine. It invokes pride and happiness within me and feelings of success and achievement. I am also an avid fan of culture and history. I love to hike and be in nature during my spare time. 

As a way of showcasing my talent, I collaborated with Trinity College Dublin Disability Service on the idea of creating an app that identified spaces within Trinity that were challenging for those with sensory processing difficulties e.g. those that contained high-pitched sounds or fluorescent lighting. I hope this will be a huge support to the students in Trinity. 

My Project

I will be showcasing an app that identifies spaces within Trinity College Dublin which are challenging to individuals with sensory processing difficulties.

The idea came from a survey conducted in summer 2019 which showed that a number of students struggled with areas in Trinity College Dublin due to sensory processing difficulties. For example, one student said that they couldn’t cope with the libraries and so avoided them for a year.

I want to use this project as valuable work experience and to impress future employers.

My Future

I strive to gain employment in a software engineering role, with particular interest in the tech, finance and cyber security industries. With regards to who I wish to work for, I would hope to achieve a role with some world-leading and innovative companies.

I would hope for an employer or mentor to provide advice and guidance on making applications. I believe that I have highly valuable skills, knowledge and experiences but sometimes struggle to communicate this clearly across to employers. I would love to gain more experience communicating my skills to employers in alternative ways such as video CVs or my online profile. 

Get in contact with me at showcase@notsodifferent.ie