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Sean’s Portfolio

“Let’s stop fighting over who we believe created the planet, & work together against those that choose to destroy it.”

― Jack Barker

My Passion

My passions are Photography and Weather. These interests kind of link with one another as I like to document weather events taking me back to the 2010 snowfalls which I have no photographic evidence of and this being one of my biggest life regrets. I hope to never do this in life again! I’m also interested in photography in general learning about its history, advancement of tech, different types etc. Photography brings me to places I wouldn’t usually go to normally.

Dublin photographer Ian Carruthers is a big influence as I wanted to take images like him as well as documenting weather events so I can have something to look back on rather than hard numbers or scenes in my head that only I can picture because I saw them for myself in person – a photograph or video allows others to see the same scene as myself.

My Project

My Instagram page “Love Burrow Beach” which is sort of linked to Photography. It Is a community page designed to share news and photos of or near Burrow Beach.

This was a passion project created as part of my community action project for my Young Community Leaders course with Northside Partnership though not my original idea for it as I had to dismiss the previous idea due to unforeseen circumstances with the COVID-19 lockdown. I am very passionate about Burrow Beach, visiting the area often and taking lots of images with an interest in the people of the locality too. I spotted this niche and set up a community page for visitors to the beach or even locals.

I want this project to improve the area for visitors and locals as problems arise every year particularly the recent littering dilemma which only gets worse as time goes on. Give people a community page they can visit or look up to.

My Future

In regards to my project, if I continue it, I hope to take action and lobby authorities like Fingal County Council putting forward suggestions I have made from my project based on other people’s opinions including visitors and locals who live near the beach.

I would love to work in the Climatology & Observations Division of Met Eireann making weather history and climatology more accessible to people as I think it is important to have some education on the matter with so many myths thrown out there that are just not true.

I’d like to work as a freelance photographer but not full-time because it’s a competitive field with so many photographers and more entering the area everyday with smartphones becoming more advanced, and requires a lot of luck. I would have other jobs alongside this in order to live.

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