“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

– Albert Einstein.

My Passion

I like writing plays and poetry, specifically. I don’t put my poetry to a melody as I’m unsure on how to write music but I’d like it if I could get someone to do some music; otherwise, I’m content just having them as poems. My plays are usually quite humorous but with a hint of drama.

My Project

I shall be showcasing a snippet of my newest play and some poetry I wrote, specifically my newest poem ‘2020.’

I got the idea for the play from a short story I wrote back in college, and the poem? Well, clearly 2020 has been rather hectic for everyone so I felt as though someone should put it into words to see it from a new perspective.

My Future

My big plan is to run my own company, selling greeting cards with a print of a poem on them that I designed. Also, to put my plays into production. Also, to have a YouTube series about a character I created called Melvin who gets into all sorts of nonsensical situations.

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