“Knowledge has a materiality, not unlike the materiality of a ladder, that can be used to gain access to places and worlds that were previously unimaginable.”

– Lana Wachowski, co-writer/co-director of The Matrix trilogy

My Passion

My passions are storytelling, filmmaking, screenwriting, animation. Any audio-visual medium that involved telling a story, I’m hugely interested in. They’re my creative outlet for expression.

Emotionally and artistically, I find using by using any of these artforms I mentioned, I can feel a sense a relief when I get whatever I’m currently feeling out of my system as a compelling story with crazily beautiful visuals. I’m attracted to films like these, regardless of genre and art form.

My Project

I’ll be showcasing Suits & Stuff, a film I’d written during college, and animated during lockdown. I wanted to try making a film without any dialogue, instead relying on visuals to help tell the story and communicate any ideas the characters have in mind, similar to cartoon shorts like Tom & Jerry.

Initially, it was originally a script practice for my current screenwriting class. However, after realizing that I didn’t fully get it. I continued writing it as a standalone project. Filmmaking-wise, I was feeling exhausted with the restraints of live-action filmmaking, even within lockdown and because my story ideas were too out-there within my own confines, I decided to take on animation, having experimented with it in a short film of mine, for logistical reasons.

I made this as a practice for myself as an artist and a storyteller. I wanted to expand my palette by making an animated film, while adding to my portfolio, showcasing myself as a tonally versatile yet methodically stylish, strategic problem-solver. I believe my ever-growing portfolio would be useful for getting work, whether if it’s a job or work experience. A job would be great for me, though.

My Future

I have a bunch of paths that I’m considering taking, like theatre, animation, and filmmaking. My heart, however, has a big plan that it wants to tackle in mind. It involves finally directing my first feature film, regardless of budget, genre, scale, if it’s a script I wrote or if I’m directing anyone else’s. I want to find a story and tackle it in my own unique way as a storyteller.

Work Experience would be a great route for me. I’d like to gain experience in the industry, by learning at least every aspect of making a live-action film/play/animation, I can figure out how every piece fits together like a puzzle. I believe it’s the most useful way for me as a person to learn.

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