My Passion

I love Eurovision because you can be yourself and the way that everyone comes together.

I love anime because you get to see funny moments and really good fights in the series. Fairytail is my favourtie. My old friend was playing Pokemon at the time when I was a kid and then I thought to myself what’s so great about video games. I got myself the same game as my friend did and I fell in love with it. As for Eurovision, I fell in love with it when I was 9.  Anime was when I was 6 when Cardcaptors was on tv.

I got into gaming when I was 8 years old. Ever since then I never stop playing video games that I like. Whenever I am not doing anything, work or school I always go upstairs and play video games. Every time I buy a new game I am so excited to play it. Same with Eurovision and anime that I am interested in.

My Project – My Life So Far

I did work experience in Gamestop for Jobs Shadow Day and for two weeks up in Santry and Blanchardstown back in 2015.

Last year as part of the summer internship I worked in Intel from June till September 2019 and I had a great experience.

I was apart of AsIAm Youth Leadership Team for 3 years and I did public speaking about autism. I am now a youth Ambassour for them.

I worked in the Bank of Ireland as part of the subject I was doing in Trinity College. I worked there every Fridays and I also did my internship there from November 2019 till February 2020.

I used to be in Sports Club 15 which is apart of Special Olympics. I won the Basketball league in Division 3 in 2013 and in Division 2 in 2015. I also did coaching within the club. It was a good and fun experience I had too.

My Future

I like working in the office because I can focus the task at hand.  Plus I love to collect data since I been told that I was good at that. I would love to collect data to find out who wins the Eurovision. It would be interesting to see how they collect the data.

I would love to play video games all the time and testing the new games that will come out soon. I also want to be an e sport player. Mostly in Mariokart and I would love to practice and race against other players and gain some experience from it.

I would love to work in AsIAm since my friend was working there for awhile. It be fun to organize event and do some speaking in different places or do workshops for the people using services. Even though Youtube videos with them.

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