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Further Video Production work from Harry

My Passion

My passions are Fitness (walking, running, weights, yoga, swimming, sauna), Classic movies (e.g. Stanley Kubrick), Building and making things, whether its an idea, a house on Minecraft, a society, a movement.

My Project

I am showcasing my work with the ability co-op, a student led initiative from the TCD disability service with the goal of promoting inclusivity on campus.

The idea came about at a meeting with the disability service and students who were working for the DS over the summer. We weren’t sure how to make the social life on campus more inclusive for students, so we decided to make our own social group and to assist other social groups and societies that were inclusive. After a bit of discussion the name that was settled on was the ability co-op.

My Future

I would like to set up my own video production LLC, eventually expanding the firm into a full marketing agency with a small number of pro bono clients related to causes I’m passionate about.

Get in contact with me at showcase@notsodifferent.ie