My Passion

My passion lies in creative work, with a particular interest in graphic design. I love to design images or logos based on what people like, or a brief they give me. This can be for print or digital format. I love improving myself and my skills. Exploring the artistic elements of design is one of my favourite aspects of my work. I was led to this career path through my peers and gaining insight into the industry from friends who were already learning about graphic design.

I take great pride in my work. I love the feeling when someone is happy with what I have designed. Seeing my logo on the Not So Different website was a special moment for me; I was extremely proud. I was excited to develop the logo and brochure for Not So Different for the event, ensuring to capture the ideas of others, the atmosphere of Not So Different and the multiple talents of the group. The feelings graphic design evokes in me is happiness when my clients are delighted to see it, fear when I don’t know what people think of it and pride when my hard work pays but also joy for everyone who was there for me.

My Project

The focus of my project is the brochure and logo designs I created for Not So Different. The process for creating these involved using many different tools. I researched through social medias such as Pinterest, Instagram and google to find inspiration and creative ideas. I devised the actual pieces through a range of software including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I used a combination of Apple Mac, desktop PC and laptop, all kindly provided for me by Coláiste Dhúlaigh and the support of Not So Different.

I will also show some samples of other work I have done and demonstrate my progress from when I initially started in Roslyn Park. I hope to use my work to build a portfolio to demonstrate my talents and hopefully progress to gain work experience and employment. I also hope to go on to complete my Level 8 degree to develop my skills when I move on to work in the industry.

My Future

My big plan is continue improving myself and skills. I hope to move on to my Level 8 degree and get into a company where I continue to build relationships and meet people. Some of my dream employers would be Xbox, PlayStation, DC or Marvel. Ideally, I would like to work for an organization that focuses on helping people.

Other ambitions of mine are to create my own merchandise of my own design by creating things such as posters, t-shirts, cup and mugs etc. I would also love to create short animations with Illustrator. I would like to work with Not So Different on other upcoming projects, another company that I would love to work with is Marvel Comics.

I would love to get the opportunity to gain more experience in the industry through placements, apprenticeships, mentoring or employment as graphic design is something I am extremely passionate about.

Get in contact with me at showcase@notsodifferent.ie