Your limitation – it’s only your imagination

– Unknown speaker


My Passion

I’m passionate about writing poems, the occasional lyric, short stories, I wrote a play back in 2013 when I was 21 years old based on the psychology of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Echarte Tolle. I’d like to write another I just haven’t found what it should be about yet. I am also passionate about music. I play traditional Irish music on my fiddle (violin) from time to time. I love listening to rock music and melodies. I also like to talk to people and helping them any way I can.

My passions bring a feeling of flow and joy. Sometimes frustration. Writing my play was very frustrating because of all the editing I had to do to get it down to an hour of time to be performed in the Seán O’ Casey theatre in East Wall in May 2014.

My Project

My poem called “Aurora Natura” a poem about global warming from the perspective of mother nature and the World itself.

I’ve been writing poetry and lyrics since 2017 during my recovery from a mental illness and this particular on is based on my passions about nature. I was inspired by a song called The Seed by a singer songwriter named Aurora. I called it Aurora Natura to give her a shout out for her creativity because I find her so inspiring. My favourite line has to be “suffocate me, so my tears can be rain.”

I’d like to build a portfolio from this. However, I would also like to get a job or get an internship if it’s possible next year because I’ll be doing a CE Scheme soon.

My Future

I suppose my big plan is to get a job in administration. I’ll be doing a receptionist CE Scheme in Donnycarney Youth Project. It was meant to start back in February but because of Covid-19, it was postponed. I would like to be a social care worker. However I need to work for a couple of years because I am 29 years old now and I’d like to get working rather than do more courses. A course would be nice but I’ve had my fill of them for the next while. I’ll probably do the level 6 social care course that lasts for two years in Coláiste Dúlaigh in a few years time so I can become a youth worker and work for either the Donnycarney Youth Project or for Youth Work Ireland (YMCA). I contacted the YMCA and a youth work manager got back to me and said I can become a youth worker with a level 6 qualification. But a degree opens more opportunities so perhaps I’ll go to TU Dublin Grangegorman campus and get a Social Care degree after I work for a few years.

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