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May 11, 2021 by maebh
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‘Inclusive Recruitment and Retention Practices’ is an e-learning session funded by the National Disability Authority (NDA), the independent statutory body that provides information and advice to the Government on policy and practices for persons with disabilities living in Ireland, and co-produced by Not So Different, Rehab Group, AsIAm and WALK – four organisations with vast experience on the supporting people with disabilities’ in the workplace.

This e-learning course consists of an introduction and five units that cover:


  • legislation, treaties, and strategies that protect the rights of people with disabilities in the workplace
  • introducing you to some basic principles on disability awareness that you and your organisation should consider

The next four objectives relate to the four stages of recruitment and retention by enhancing your organisation’s ‘disability confidence’ in:

Engagement – Unit 1 will demonstrate how to engage with and attract people with disabilities to apply for roles within your organisation by making job descriptions, job advertisements, and the application process more inclusive and accessible.

Interview and recruitment – Unit 2 will demonstrate how your organisation can make your interview and recruitment process more accessible and inclusive to people with disabilities, including best practices on different interview and recruitment strategies.

Induction and on-boarding – Unit 3 will highlight good practices on how your organisation can develop a ‘disability-confident’ induction process and to effectively onboard an employee with a disability/disabled employee, as well as maintaining professional boundaries and how to support the employee’s work performance if they choose to disclose their disability/condition, including Reasonable Accommodations, and introducing workplace culture.

In-work supports – Unit 4 will demonstrate how you can provide on-going support to an employee with a disability whilst they’re at work, including what Government supports are available, and what are the success factors at hand to with regards to Reasonable Accommodations, conducting performance reviews and in Career Development and Progression Opportunities.

When you successfully complete all units, you will be able to download a certificate of achievement.